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The Outer Journey Begins the Inner Journey!

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Weaving a Life is a process of exploring working with our hands as a pathway to peace within ourselves, in community, and with the earth.

Weaving a Life helps people everywhere realize the treasures that live within us by offering experiences and tools that enrich our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

Weaving a Life speaks to the human spirit as we explore with our hands the connections of our inner beliefs about ourselves with our daily actions, in our home life, our spiritual life and with our world community.

New weavers will learn tapestry techniques, and seasoned weavers find new sculptural dimensions in their work: the essence of the Weaving a Life process is an experience of weaving our personal fabric.

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News: Recent Interviews

1. susan barrett merrillInterview with UMission

UMission, a non-profit that celebrates people who are passionate about their missions, interviewed Susan Barrett Merrill. See the interview here >>

2. Interview with Sacred Life Arts

Listen to Susan interviewed by Sybil Dana Reynolds of Sacred Life Arts

“Our brain is an intricate loom of billions of neural pathways with a huge potential for weaving internal interconnections and connections out to the world.”
--Arthur Auer, M.Ed, in "Learning About the World Through Modeling"

Tel: 207-326-9503
Contact Susan Barrett Merrill

Connecting Hands and Heart

The Weaving a Life approach is not just conceptual; it brings handwork to a broad audience by providing the simple materials for enriching creative activity. The weaving of the keyforms is itself a process of deepening awareness through connecting the hands and heart in a journey of self-discovery. A fundamental part of the Weaving a Life approach is that the journey can be an outdoor adventure as well: the loom and the techniques are portable, allowing you to bring your work into the woods, to the sea, or to any place that moves and inspires you.

All About Weaving a Life

More on keyforms

Susan's book is being sold in stores across the US, and has made its way as far as Australia, the UK, India, Central America, Bermuda, the Caribbean and Peru. 144 pages of photographs and text introduce the Weaving a Life approach with the concept of keyforms and their meanings. Over 200 photos and illustrations give example and inspiration. Patterns and detailed directions for weaving each of the seven keyforms are provided, including for the first time the secret of weaving the unique Zati mask.

A reader shares her mask story

What are Weaving Circles?

Weaving Circle weavers

Weaving Circles are groups who gather to weave, on the Journey Loom, the seven Weaving a Life keyforms, elemental forms that lead us on a journey of discovery, learning to integrate what we love with what we do in the world. Weaving Circles also serve in Circle of Service projects. More...

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Loom, weaving kit, weaving book gift pack

A Gift Package of Journey Loom and Book for just $119

The Gift Pack is a wonderful way to treat yourself or someone you love in a special way. The beauty and meaning will give joy to whoever receives this handsome boxed starter set of Weaving a Life products.
More on the Gift Pack
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ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life

Look inside ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life softcover book
Look inside >>

ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life
The new softcover edition of Susan Barrett Merrill's ground-breaking book is in high demand wherever we go. The book is much more than a how-to book on basic tapestry weaving, though it includes much instruction. The Weaving a Life approach is a heart-centered approach to weaving, recognizing weaving as both a means and a metaphor for conscious living.

We have found that people seeking meaning in their lives, spiritual growth, or a deeper connection to their communities, all want more than concepts to understand. We have spoken with people who are hungry for a way to connect to life with their hands, with materials that come direct from the earth, to bring warmth and richness to lives dominated by virtual experience and a culture that feels increasingly confused.

Weaving the Weaving a Life way | The Loom as the Body


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Classes & Workshops

Learn about Weaving a Life's personalized distance-learning classes, from my studio to yours.

Weaving Circle Leadership Certification Training Become certified to teach Weaving a Life with your own Weaving Circles, in classes and workshops, hospitals, organizations, and classrooms. Add Circle Leadership skills to your professional practice

Meet some of the Circle Leadership graduates, and find out how they are bringing Weaving a Life to their world.

Apply for Weaving Circle Leader Training incredibly rich and deeply effective distance training. Move through the Weaving a Life process one on one with Weaving a Life founder and author Susan Barrett Merrill, using the Weaving a Life keyforms, guided visualizations and the book ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life.

Learn about Classes

Learn about Weaving Circle Leadership

Apply for Weaving Circle Leadership Training

Weaving a Life Journey Loom™
— take weaving with you

journey loom in car In the car:
Your Journey Loom is just the right size.
Remember: friends don't let friends weave and drive!

Portable Loom >>
On the plane:
The Journey Loom is TSA-friendly!

It's easy to warp your Journey Loom >>
girl weaving in airplane
weaving on beach At the beach:
It's relaxing and fits right in your beach bag.

Even if you've never woven before >>
On vacation:
Take it anywhere - the Journey Loom packs easily in your suitcase (27" x 2" x 2") with your weaving rolled up on it!

Listen to an mp3
while you weave >>
loom on boat in Caribbean
assembling loom in woods In the woods:
The perfect quiet place to nurture your creative self.

No tools needed
to assemble >>
In bed:
You or someone you love can weave in comfort. A couple of pillows, a good movie, some music, and the Journey Loom - a recipe for coziness.

Download the ebook for iPad or Kindle >>
elder weaving in bed
student with loom in yarn store In your store or studio:
Fill the quiet moments weaving something to enchant your customers.

Your studio is the perfect place to gather your materials and explore new weaving techniques.

Business owners:
Buy wholesale >>

On the farm:
Where your materials are close at hand.

Learn ways to use
your wild fibers >>
sheep, lambs and loom
woman with Journey Loom in New Zealand On the road:
On the South Island of New Zealand - next stop: Antarctica!

Download plans to
build a Story Loom >>

For teachers, students and home schoolers of all ages:
Weave indoors or out, whenever you want calm creativity that will focus you for hours.

Download Lesson Plans >>
child weaving
weaving in meadow in Maine

Camping and traveling: stop and weave on a sunny hillside.

Wherever you find yourself this summer, your Journey Loom will become a favorite travel friend. Journey Loom >>
Download ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life eBook

NEW! Download ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life as an eBook and save $10 off the price of the softcover. Save by being green! Sold through Digital River's SWReg at $14.95.

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Life Stories from Weaving a Life >

Community Building with Weaving a Life Looms

"Merrill gives us a stunning book...calmly blasting walls between life and art the way Cameron did in The Artist's Way, or Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones. So honestly written, so packed with wisdom..." --Daniela Kuper, author of Hunger and Thirst

More praise for ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life from writers, painters and fiber artists

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Journey Loom

Journey Loom
Portable wooden loom makes weaving as easy as knitting. Take it anywhere!

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Journey Loom

ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life
By Susan Barrett Merrill. Softcover. Weaving as means and metaphor for living a conscious life. 144p, color, includes 7 weaving patterns.

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