The Art of Weaving a Life published by Schiffer Publishing

The Art of Weaving a Life
The new edition, with new title and in full color, published in fall of 2016.

The Art of Weaving a Life
A Framework to Expand and Strengthen Your Personal Vision
by Susan Barrett Merrill , Instructions by Janet Lewis Estell & Richard Merrill

We’re extremely grateful and overjoyed to announce the publication of our book in the mainstream press. Self-published for years, and recently only available in black and white, it is now in full color in the hands of a major publisher with a wide catalog and a large following in the fiber community. It’s the same price, too! We couldn’t be happier!

Schiffer Publishing, of Atglen, Pennsylvania, was very excited to publish our book last fall. The minute they saw it, they put it in their publishing “pipeline” and worked with us for several months to edit it, correct a few minor typos, and redesign it to be even more beautiful than the original.

Schiffer describes the book this way:

With color on nearly every page, this guide introduces how the simple art of weaving can help each of us—whether we are weavers or not—to build our inner life. The goal is to recognize, receive, and live in harmony with your own deepest truths. Using a system of seven “keyforms” that span cultures, ranging from an amulet to a mask to a belt of power, the growth process is explored in depth. Instructions for seven symbolic keyform projects help beginners to use tapestry weaving techniques, and help seasoned weavers to find new dimensions in their work. To put it in weaving terms, the inner life is like the vertical warp on a loom. The weft of our daily activities weaves through our inner values and beliefs with each moment. The Weaving a Life process has been used successfully by weavers and spinners, psychotherapists, nurses, hospice workers, educators, artists, and youth leaders, as well as by countless individuals who seek a deeper vision for their lives.

Size: 11″ x 8 1/2″ | 276 color & b/w images | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764352645 | Binding: soft cover

The book is available on the Weaving a Life website.


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